Tea Hut



Our tea hut is open Sunday mornings 9.00am to 11.00am.




Bacon , sausage or egg bap     £1.50                                               Burger baps                        £2.00

mixture of 2  above                    £2.00                                              Cheese burger                    £2.50

Mixture of all 3 above               £2.50

Kids Hot dogs                               £1.00  


Hot drinks                                     £1.00

Cans                                                     .80p                                             Crisps/Sweets

Water                                                  .60p

Can you please place all orders for food to be collected after training by 10.30am.

The kitchen holds a food safety certificate.

If you wish to use the kitchen outside of these hours could you please speak to Arlene or Pauline