Warminster Highbury Reds faced Bradford in their first 11 Aside League game of the season, we knew it would be tough with 13 players, a few with injuries and our GK missing today but the boys raised to the challenge.

Highbury Youth FC started off the game well, JE volunteered to go in goal and the boys began by displaying some great passing amongst the team which led to 2 quick goals from EW. With TH taking control of the defence it limited the opposition any chance of getting behind resulting in catching them offside 3 times. CH then found himself in a great positon on the edge of the box struck the ball at the keeper and AJ followed up and popped it in the corner to make it 3-0. The boys kept their shape and were using the width to attack with pace. EW struck a shot in which hit the post and came out for AY to finish in the back of the net to make it 4. Bradford were trying hard to get one back but with some brilliant defending from HF and CF prevented anything going down the right hand side. EK and CH were making some great tackles and dominating the midfield. We then counter attacked again with TH going forward from the back to pick up the ball on the edge of the box and drill it in the back of the net to make it 5-0. With 10 minutes to go in the first half we moved a few players around. CB found himself in loads of space on the left hand side who played a ball across the box for AY to tap in the net 6-0 and half time.

Second half began with lots of changes at half time JR volunteered to do the second half in goal. EK quickly won the ball and began to attack by switching it out wide to MB who played it across to AJ but the Keeper made a great save. CH then picked up the ball and struck it from 20 yards to make it 7-0. CB won the ball at the back and played it to HF who ran 10 yards and struck it from 25 yards in the top corner to take it to 8-0. The boys switched off for about 10 minutes when which allowed Bradford to score 3 goals. There was a further 3 goals from EW, CH and AJ. Final score 11-3 to us!

All the boys played fantastic and gave 100% throughout the game that was played in good spirts, Bradford worked hard and never gave up also demonstrating some great play throughout the game. Man of the Match was AJ for working consistently hard and playing some really creative passes leading to majority of our goals today.

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